Alma L. Andreasen (A. La) was born in 1995. She lives and works in Copenhagen. 

She has a Master's degree. in sociology of religion from the University of Copenhagen (2023) and is a self-taught visual artist and paints primarily with acrylic paint. Alma is interested in how people experience and make sense of the world and their own existence, historically and in the present. 

Alma's approach is  self-taught and therefore free from dogma. The works are created from an original idea and what unfolds on the canvas during the process.She works within an abstract universe which is based on emotional explorations of often indefinable feelings. The motifs can also be based on concrete memories from travel, literature or in art. Common for all the works is an exploration of light and colour which together give the final work. The work changes character depending on the light it is exposed to. The paintings changes expression during the day and the year and becomes dynamic pieces of art.

Alma is particularly inspired by the abstract expressionist approach because these motifs can be perceived and interpreted quite differently and still evoke recognition across age, culture and even time. She is interested in this meeting between the viewer and the work. She therefore tries not to impose too much of her own thoughts on the pieces, but hopes that the works can create reflections in a world that rarely allows this.


-   Infomedia 20/2-20/4 2023  

-   Art Nordic: "Art Experience" 28-30/4 2023 

-   Coloplast Art Association 21/7- 31/8 2023